Current PhD Students


Darío Serrano-Puente

Darío joined the UB School of Economics and works on behavioral responses to government policies, such as taxation and minimum income programs. He currently analyses how entrepreneurs react to incentives given by the personal income tax to incorporate. He is expected to finish his PhD in 2025. Miguel Almunia from Cunef University co-advises Darío.

Sofia Balladares

Sofia started her PhD at the UB School of Economics in Fall 2023 and is currently at the Bank of Spain for a research visit.

Former Students

Clàudia Serra-Salala

Clàudia successfully defended her Ph.D. with distinction in the fall of 2023 and started a post-doctoral position at the Barcelona School of Economics. She is currently focused on research related to redistribution, taxation, and their connection to the energy transition. In her job market paper, Claudia illustrates the impact of wind farm developments on local public finances, demonstrating that new installations lead to a 30 percent increase in revenues per capita. These additional funds are primarily allocated to finance both real investments and current expenditures. Additionally, Claudia has delved into the redistributive effects of tax decentralization and explored individual preferences regarding redistribution. We advised Clàudia jointly with my colleague Pilar Sorribas-Navarro.